DR. JYH-HAUR LU, MD FAAN 盧志豪腦神經醫學博士

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We are a office of neurology. We offer patients advanced diagnostic and treatment services for all neurological conditions. We are available for consultations and second opinions as well as ongoing management for patients with chronic neurological and rehabilitative needs. Our patients receive compassionate, quality care from our highly trained neurological staff.


A neurologist is a medical doctor who has had additional training in disorders affecting the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Neurologists treat pain with a wide range of symptoms including:

* Alzheimer's disease
* Balance disorders
* Epilepsy
* Headaches (cluster & migraines)
* Head injury
* Multiple sclerosis
* Muscle pain & weakness
* Neck & back pain (pinched nerves)
* Parkinson's disease
* Sciatica
* Seizures
* Sleep disorders
* Stroke


Each patient receives treatment for his/her neurological problems from a personal and caring professional using the latest techniques available.


On your first visit a medical history will be taken, and you will receive a thorough neurological examination to assist Dr. Lu in determining the best course of care. You may also receive additional tests to help him further understand your condition. The tests may include an EEG (electroencephalography), EMG (electromyography) or neuropsychological testing.

Following the initial evaluation period, Dr. Lu will carefully discuss your treatment options with you, and make every effort to assist you in making the often-difficult treatment decisions. Once treatment has begun, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive the highest quality patient care available. You will be continually evaluated to ensure that the best possible treatment objectives are achieved.

DR. LU...

Dr. Lu is a neurologist specialized in headaches and epilepsy. He graduated from SUNY medical school and completed his residency in SUNY medical center and fellowship training in New York University Medical Center. Dr. Lu combines extensive experience, compassion, and the latest technology in addressing your neurological concerns and disorders. He treats each patient as a partner in the treatment of his or her neurological condition, and patient education is central to his practice.

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